Dealing With Osteoarthritis in Seniors

A woman is helping an older person exercise with dumbbells.

It’s common knowledge that, with age, people have to deal with more and more conditions. For instance, seniors have to deal with arthritis in its many forms, and the most common of them is osteoarthritis. Some people call this form of arthritis “degenerative joint disease†because the cause is the wear and tear of joints. So…

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False Claims About the COVID-19 Vaccines

A woman and an older person are looking at each other.

Anyone who is working as a home health aide should get himself or herself vaccinated against the COVID-19 as soon as possible. You’ll be at the frontline of everything, as you will be running errands for your patient on his or her behalf. To protect them from the virus or, at the least, severe infection, you’ll need…

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Ways to Support Seniors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A woman is helping an older man use his tablet.

As COVID-19 evolves, it is critical to keep seniors and other vulnerable groups safe, but it is also critical to keep them from drifting into social isolation. During pandemics, common sources of stress for everyone include a decrease in meaningful activities, sensory stimulation, and social interaction. For seniors, all of these stressors are amplified. Best Health…

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The Care Designed to Achieve Independent Aging

A family sitting on the couch together smiling for the camera.

When we age, we want to remain as healthy as possible at home. With the help of the right healthcare agency, your desire to age at home healthily is possible. At Best Health Care Services, LLC, a trusted provider of Home Health Care Services in Burke, Virginia, we provide only quality services for all seniors. One of…

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Respite Care: Supporting Family Caregivers

A man and a nurse are smiling for the camera.

We understand the struggles of family caregivers. Even when they are driven by passion, there are still days when their duties can be too much for them to handle, thus making them feel overworked. Overdoing their tasks can lead to caregiver burnout. At Best Health Care Services, LLC, a trusted provider of quality Home Health Care Services…

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