Dealing With Osteoarthritis in Seniors

It’s common knowledge that, with age, people have to deal with more and more conditions. For instance, seniors have to deal with arthritis in its many forms, and the most common of them is osteoarthritis. Some people call this form of arthritis “degenerative joint disease†because the cause is the wear and tear of joints.

So how do we deal with this? Is there anything we can still do this late in the stage of this condition? The good news is that there are things we can do to help improve the quality of life. As leading providers of Home Health Aide, we have been privy to the following information and wish to share them with you.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight will reduce the pressure on the joints and help reduce the symptoms and further deterioration. Exercise and a healthy diet will help with this goal. Additionally, patients with osteoarthritis should take pain medication as prescribed by their physicians to reduce discomfort and maintain a somewhat pain-free life.

Our elderly loved ones already have to deal with many issues, and osteoarthritis doesn’t have to be one of them. While the above tips can help, they won’t substitute professional care services. Well-established Home Care Services in Virginia already know how to help patients with osteoarthritis live their best lives. Caregivers from these institutions already know what to do, and they do it well.

If you have a loved one currently living with osteoarthritis, allow us at Best Health Care Services, LLC to help them. We will use all our experience and training to improve their quality of life. We specialize in Home Health Care Services in Burke, Virginia, and we’re excited to be your family’s partner in taking care of your loved one.

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