Ways to Support Seniors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID-19 evolves, it is critical to keep seniors and other vulnerable groups safe, but it is also critical to keep them from drifting into social isolation. During pandemics, common sources of stress for everyone include a decrease in meaningful activities, sensory stimulation, and social interaction. For seniors, all of these stressors are amplified.

Best Health Care Services, LLC recommends various methods to clients and their families to keep seniors safe and socially engaged throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Safety First
    If caregivers are not available, ensure that they can cook meals and dispose of garbage safely. Keep in mind to enquire about their health. Keep an eye out for any changes in communication that might suggest a problem.
  • Provide Gentle Technology Encouragement
    The image of elderly individuals being resistant to technology is not always true. If your loved one is averse to modern ways of remaining connected, try gentle prodding. Consider purchasing your loved one a tablet that can Facetime, has books on it, or one that allows them to watch movies or TV shows.
  • Remember the Basics
    Some elderly people require home care services in Virginia to cook, clean, and care for them. It is quite appropriate for elderly persons to request that their home health aide wear masks and gloves and wash their hands often. Everyone must do what works for them and what is essential as long as they are safe and take procedures.

We make it a goal as a provider of home health care services in Burke, Virginia to provide exceptional care for your elderly loved ones for them to retain their health, especially for medically complicated patients.

There is also occupational therapy provided. Do you want to find out more? Call us at (703) 440-1131 right now!

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