False Claims About the COVID-19 Vaccines

Anyone who is working as a home health aide should get himself or herself vaccinated against the COVID-19 as soon as possible. You’ll be at the frontline of everything, as you will be running errands for your patient on his or her behalf. To protect them from the virus or, at the least, severe infection, you’ll need to get your jab now!

Unfortunately, there is plenty of misinformation out there, especially on the Internet, regarding the existing vaccines for the COVID-19. Thanks to these, many people are missing the opportunity to be protected and also to ease the load of skilled nursing services that are tied up caring for COVID-19 patients.

What are the most common myths?

  1. Vaccines Are Meant to Spy on Recipients
    One popular myth is that vaccines contain microchips that help the government track recipients. That simply is not true! It takes a feat of genetic engineering to do that. They’re meant to protect, not snoop on people especially those in home care services in Virginia.
  2. Vaccines Can Change People’s DNA
    There’s no way that a viral vector or an mRNA vaccine can change one’s DNA. These vaccines simply carry genetic instructions for cells to build spike proteins. They don’t enter the nuclei of our body’s cells, where the DNA resides.
  3. You Can Get Infected From the Vaccine
    mRNA and viral vector vaccines don’t contain live COVID-19 samples, so they’re unlikely to infect you with the disease. There’s nothing to worry about; these vaccines are very safe and effective.

Contact us now at Best Health Care Services, LLC if you need more info about home health care services in Burke, Virginia. Stay safe, and remember, the best vaccine is the one that’s available to you.

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